Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Gospel Reflection - Cycle A - 4th Sunday of Easter

My weekly reflection on the Sunday Gospel reading. In this video, I reflect on John 10:1-10, the Gospel reading for the 4th Sunday of Easter in Cycle A, exploring the following topics:

- Jesus has come to restore the brokenness of the world, to restore our individual relationships with God, to restore society's relationship with God, and to restore the cosmos, remaking creation.
- Jesus is the only source of true life.
- Summary of Catholic teaching on salvation.
- Who are the thieves and robbers Jesus is talking about?
- We receive the teachings of Christ through the teaching authority of he Catholic Church.
- The image of sheep, who are herd animals, underscores our need for community as disciples.
- The image of the shepherd speaks to us about the mystery of the Incarnation.
- What voices are we listening to in our lives? What gates are we entering?
- The liturgical significance of the entrance of the church building as pointing toward Heaven.

You can find the text of the Gospel reading for the 4th Sunday of Easter in Cycle A at the USCCB website.

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